I started this site as a way to work through my thoughts about starting kids in the martial arts. Our children have been doing Taekwondo for many years now, and we are starting to see the payoff in terms of self-discipline and work ethic. But, how many times did we feel like we were lost and just wandering in the wilderness? Many, many times! There are so many obvious and immediate benefits to the martial arts, but it can feel overwhelming, especially when you are new.

These days, I’m primarily a homeschooling mom (with a bunch of education). My background is in the biomedical sciences, and I’ve done a fair amount of writing and editing in and for that world. Consequently, you’ll probably notice a certain “flavor” to my writing that is hard for me to escape. HOWEVER, my goal is to both provide my own experiences, thoughts, and ideas as a parent of Taekwondo students AND back up those experiences/ideas with research (to the extent possible). Sometimes, it just is what it is though! Basically, I want to empower parents who are just starting out on this journey. It’s worth it!